Dear Clients, 

In October 2020 we began to change our policy on approval for outside pharmacy prescription requests.  We enacted this for several reasons.  

As the year went on in 2020 we found the number of prescription requests increased exponentially to the point that our staff was spending hours a day on hold with pharmacies, sending and resending faxes and entering the scripts into the pet’s medical records.  Our phones were already overwhelmed with handling curbside appointments.   We also had concerns with the validity and products from new online pharmacies that were popping up to carry pet medications.   We found at times the medications requested on the fax were not the appropriate dosing for the pet that they were requested for.  Our goal is to provide the best care possible for each pet on their visit and that means our time needs to be spent with our patients and their owners and not on the phone with pharmacies and sending and resending faxes.   

The  majority of medications we prescribe and  recommend are carried right in our office and are available the day of your visit.    The medications are also available on our online store  (Vets First Choice) if you wish to have medications shipped directly to your home.  These products come directly from the manufacturer and include all rebates, coupons and guarantees as they have been purchased through a veterinarian. 

 When we receive an outside prescription request, we will enter that prescription for you in our online store so the medication integrates directly into your pets medical record. You will receive an email from VFC that your prescription is pre approved.   At that point , please check out the online store.  If you would like to purchase your prescription from another online pharmacy, just notify us and we will provide you with a  written script.  You can pick it up in the office, or we can mail it to you.  That allows you to send that script into the pharmacy of your choice.  If you have an emergency or suddenly find yourself with a short supply, call the office – we definitely do not want your pet to miss their needed medication. 

If you do not wish to utilize our online store, we will provide a written script for any medication that is prescribed for your pet.  The written script is typed on a label that matches identically what is entered in the computer.   This is much more accurate than phone messages or correcting faxes.  

There are many new regulations concerning controlled drugs.  When you call our office, we can advise you on how these medications can be refilled. 

I apologize for any confusion or dismay this change may have caused and hope this helps understand the reasoning for the change.   Our daily focus is the care, medicine and surgery for your pets. 

Please contact our office if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you.  


Dr. Robin Hubbard and the doctors and staff of Rustburg Veterinary Clinic