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  • Falling River Large Animal Services

    Did you know, during his time off Dr. Coates runs his own Large Animal Vet Services? Falling River Large Animal Vet Services is a mobile clinic that serves Campbell County as well as Appomattox, Bedford, Charlotte, and L...

  • Pet Dentals

    You are at the vet clinic and the veterinarian tells you that your beloved pet needs a dental. What does that mean? What is going to happen to your pet when you drip the, off? Let’s talk about what happens when your pe...

  • Dental Disease

    Can you fix it or prevent it?

    Bad breath? Trouble chewing? Cat hiding more? These can all be signs of dental disease in your pet. You quickly go to your vet and are told you your pet may have dental disease. Where did this come from? Can you fix it o...

  • Welcome to our New Website

    Lots of exciting changes ahead!

    Welcome to the new and improved Rustburg Veterinary Clinic Webpage! We have several new and exciting changes for you that have come to the clinic. The first is this webpage which should make life a lot easier for those l...


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